The Coffman Team recently braved the chickens (more on that later) to have some of the best steak in Las Vegas at Bob Taylor’s Original Ranch House.

Established in 1955, the Ranch House is the oldest existing restaurant in Las Vegas. It started when the original owner, Bob Taylor, would barbeque for his friends and neighbors. When demand for his barbeque grew, he turned his ranch house into a restaurant. The barren desert that surrounded The Ranch House back then has been enveloped by the ever-expanding city, but the wood-paneled house covered in western memorabilia still serves great barbeque.

It’s a favorite of the Coffman Team, even though a pair of chickens wanders the front yard lawn. Every member of the team has been attacked by fowl during their childhoods (a hazard of growing up on a farm, or else we just have bad luck with birds) and some members still have a fear of chickens. These chickens don’t seem like the attacking type, even if they did follow us to the door (I think Andrea might have been encouraging them in order to get a better picture). Don’t let the threat for chickens keep you from this Las Vegas tradition, just walk briskly through the yard (like I do) and you’ll be ok.

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